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Whitewater Rafting on the Lower Klamath River

Lower Klamath Whitewater Rafting | A Trip of a Lifetime | Entrada Outfitters

Come see the Klamath River

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Are you searching for the high-quality Lower Klamath Whitewater Rafting experience near you? You have come to the right place! We offer whitewater rafting on the Lower Klamath Rivernear Happy Camp, California

Whether you’re a first-time whitewater river rafter or seasoned river veteran, our guides and staff are there to make sure you have the whitewater river trip of a lifetime. We will help you enjoy the refreshing splash of rapids on a hot day, and we’ll take care of the details and leave you free to explore the river while we set up camp. We specialize in group and family trips and create unforgettable memories on our Lower Klamath River rafting trips. Our staff and guides are excited that you have considered us for your vacation on the Lower Klamath River!

Why Entrada Outfitters for your trip?

When it comes to Lower Klamath river rafting, consider us to give you the best experience you’ve ever had. The lower Klamath River offers families, school groups, and outdoor enthusiasts world-class outdoor recreation adventures.

We provide fantastic rafting experiences, and we service whitewater and scenic rafting trips on the lower Klamath river for now and offer services in multiple rivers in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

All our Guides have undergone swift-water rescue training, first-aid and CPR certified, and our lead guides have 10+ years of experience on numerous rivers in Oregon, California, and beyond.

  • If you are looking to experience rafting on the Lower Klamath River, our river guides are here to help you, and you’ve come to the right place.
  • We have been guiding people down the Lower Klamath River for a long time and love sharing this river with others!
  • Our complete and half-day Lower Klamath River whitewater rafting trips are filled with Class II and Class III whitewater rapids. We have various put-in and take-out points to customize your trip to your specifications!
  • Our professional staff is here to take you on one of the best stretches of whitewater for miles around! The Lower Klamath River is considered one of the best rivers in California.
  • We were considered the preferred rafting guide for the Lower Klamath by Whitewaterology in 2021.

Whitewater rafting on the Lower Klamath

The Lower Klamath River is located near Happy Camp in Northern California and is one of the most scenic whitewater rafting trips in California. It is just over the Oregon border in one of the picturesque places in California. Many Southern Oregon guests come with us on the Lower Klamath.

The Klamath trip is perfect for all ages, families, and skill levels. Fun Class II-III whitewater rapids are interspersed between calm, warm pools; excellent for swimming.

The canyon walls are breathtaking, and the campsites are relaxing. Take your time and enjoy the many fun, beautiful side hikes, such as Ukonom Creek, the river has to offer. Take in the scenery and the abundant wildlife at each camp! See the beautiful cascading waterfalls and learn about the river’s rich California Gold Rush history on one of our trips.

What to expect on a whitewater Lower Klamath trip?

We offer three unique whitewater trips to help you explore this fantastic place, as well as a day trip for families or groups to be able to sample the Lower Klamath River. Our trips start at Happy Camp, at Indian Creek put in, and they typically take out at Coon creek river access.

If you are on one of our Excursion trips, we will put in at Curly Jack instead of Indian Creek.

All our river trips will begin and end at Happy Camp.

Who is this trip for?

  • First timers
  • Older children
  • Families
  • School groups
  • Church groups
  • Corporate functions

What types of boats we use:

We use only the highest quality of rafts and inflatable kayaks suitable for class II rapids on all our whitewater trips. We are also entirely safe in Class III rapids as well.

  • 14′ NRS Paddle raft (up to 6 passengers)
  • 16′ NRS Gear and passenger raft (up to 4 passengers)
  • 9′ NRS Inflatable kayak
Ukonom Creek

What Rapids will we run?

All the stretches of river that we run are great for first-timers, kids, older children, and any skill level. The whitewater rapids on the Klamath are fun and each river mile is packed with a staggering amount of rapids to keep you captivated on the river from put-in to take-out!

Depending on what Klamath trip you choose and where you put in, you will run the following whitewater river rapids.

  • Rattlesnake Rapid (Class III)
  • Otters Playpen (Class III)
  • Dragon’s tooth (Class III+)*
  • Wounded Knee (Class II)
  • Ukonom Riffle (Class III)
  • Extreme Water (Class II)
  • Ferry Point (Class II)
  • Upper Savage (Class III)
  • Clear Creek (Class II)
  • Surfers Alley (Class II)
  • Devil’s Toenail (Class III)
  • Swillup Riffle (Class II)
  • Green Riffle (Class II)
  • And many more on our Lower Klamath river rafting trips!

*Dragon’s tooth is the only river rapid we like to scout on the Klamath before we run. We pull off on the right bank and discuss as a group how we will tackle this fun rapid!

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What else will we see and do?

In addition to its fantastic whitewater, the Klamath River is known for its abundant wildlife, excellent warm water swimming holes, and breathtaking scenery. It is common to see a black bear grazing on the river bank at sunset. You will probably lose count of all the bald eagles you visit or the numerous side streams along the way. Often, there are deer grazing near the river in the early summer mornings!

Enjoy a fun afternoon hike through the California wilderness to take in the view of the Klamath, or swim in the river right from camp!

Many of our guests will try inflatable kayaks on their river rafting trip or take part in floating in their PFD in the warm waters.

What is camping like on the river?

Camping on the Klamath river is something special on all of our trips. Catching a sunset on the sandy beach across from Coon Creek is one of our favorites. Our excellent guides specialize in making fantastic, freshly made river meals, and I can assure you that you won’t go home hungry.

Each morning at camp, we will have fresh coffee and tea ready and waiting for you when you get up! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds and beauty found on the river!

We provide tents, cots, and bed mats and will provide you with a detailed list of items that you need to bring to make this a great trip!

We also camp at a hosted campsite near Happy Camp, California, for our Klamath Explorer trip. This rafting trip is a great way to experience all the sections that we run while staying close to the town of Happy Camp, California. If you are new to camping, this could be an excellent option for you!

Book a trip on the Lower Klamath river with Entrada!

Of all the California rivers, the Klamath River is our favorite for so many reasons. Whether it is hiking up Ukonom Creek, enjoying the sandy beach near Coon Creek, or taking in a warm Summer day pushing through excellent whitewater in this beautiful wilderness, you can’t beat the Lower Klamath River. It is the best family river in all of California.

Experience the river with us! Let us show you the waterfalls, the fantastic town of Happy Camp, and the wildlife in this wilderness!

Call, connect through this link or email us at: [email protected], and we can get you set on the trip that is perfect for you!

Grant Marshall
Grant Marshall
Joshua Frank
Joshua Frank
Excellent guide service. I’ve been on several rafting trips with Entrada Outfitters and have always enjoyed the experience. They know their stuff! I highly recommend Entrada to anyone looking for a top-notch white water experience.
Noah James Eckstine
Noah James Eckstine
I’m not normally the adventurous type, so knowing that all variables are accounted for and that I have an experienced guide is a must - that’s why I go with Entrada ☺️ On top of being good at what they do, Entrada balances exciting with fun masterfully! I recommend to all my friends! ❤️
Cynthia Williams
Cynthia Williams
We book a family trip with Entrada every year. They are absolutely the best!
Jon Brex
Jon Brex
I hired Entrada for my family trip last year and had an unbelievable time. The food was delicious and the campsites were great too. My kids loved the rapids and I especilly liked using the inflatable kayaks.